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General Rules


Facility & Driver Conduct

   The racetrack is located at the east-side Home Depot (5005 Marketplace Drive #110, Flagstaff, AZ. 86004) behind the Flagstaff Mall. Electricity is NOT provided at this time, so please make arrangements for power on Race Day.

   These are family-friendly events with participants of all ages and skill levels involved, so we ask that ALL drivers to be considerate to each other. We understand these are competitions but intentionally impeding another drivers’ race (ie. blocking, purposely crashing someone out of a race, cutting the track, etc.) will NOT be tolerated and risks disqualification for the entire Race Day without refund. Friendly trash talking is encouraged, so get to know your competitors!

Race Weekend Format & Race Length

   Our races are held on Sundays and generally last the entire day. Track preparations begin at 7:00am and Registration closes at 9:00am. The track will open for practice once preparations are complete (approximately 9am). No cars are allowed on course during track preparations. Once the track is ready, there will be a mandatory drivers’ meeting followed by racing!

   Race Day consists of two qualifying rounds and a round of Mains for all classes. Time permitting; there may be some Open Practice time before the first round of qualifying or the Mains.

All Mains and Qualifiers will be 5-minute races (unless stated differently in the Class Rules below).

Cost & "Frequent Racer Cards"

   On Race Weekends the entry fee is $10 per class, per day.  An Entry is one car, in one class, is non-transferrable to other drivers, and is non-refundable.

   Every paying entry receives one punch on a “Frequent Racer Card.” After 10 punches, the 11th entry is FREE!

Corner Marshaling

   Since using reverse is not allowed during races, every driver is required to help wrecked cars get pointed back in the correct direction. After a driver completes their race (either a Qualifier or a Main) they are required to Corner Marshal the subsequent race.

Technical Inspection

   Every points-paying Race Day cars will be sent through Technical Inspection to make sure they conform to their class rules. Cars will be sent to Technical Inspection a maximum of 3 times during a Race Day. First, cars are inspected before their first round prior to entering the track (after a car passes tech a “pass” sticker will be applied to that cars’ chassis). Second, the Top Qualifying cars in each class will be re-inspected after their Round 2 (regardless of which round the Top Qualifying time was set). Finally, the top 3 finishers in the A-Main have to pass Technical Inspection before points are awarded. On non-points-paying Race Days Technical Inspection will be random.

Inclement Weather & Rain Shortened Race

A Race Day is considered “complete,” without refund or rescheduling, if one entire Round of racing is completed. If a Race Day is “rained out” all entries will be credited towards the rescheduled race.

  A Race Day will garner points only when we have completed one entire Round. Should we only get part way through Round 2, points will be awarded to the Round 1 finishes with no bonus point for TQ (regardless of how far into Round 2 we get). Depending on how far we get into the Main Round, points will be awarded based on the Main Round finishes or grid, and the bonus point for TQ will be earned.

Timing & Scoring


Minimum Class Size & Main Splits

  With the increased participation in our summer series we are now requiring there must be a minimum of four (4) entries in each class in order to run the class. If there are less than four (4) entries, the class will either be run with another similar class or dropped for the day.

  In case a class has more participants than can fit in the A-Main, we will have a B-Main (and C-Main, etc.) so everyone competes in a Main. We will “bump-up” the top two finishers in each lower Main to the next Main (ie. the top two finishers in the C-Main get “bumped” into the B-Main, and the top two finishers in the B-Main get “bumped” into the A-Main). The lowest Main will always have a minimum of 4 racers.


   Our scoring system is compatible with any AMBrc/MyLaps compatible two-wire R/C Transponders (three-wire transponders are NOT compliant). As of 2017, we no longer have handout transponders. Any racer that does not have a personal transponder will be hand scored (to the best of our ability). We strongly recommend racers make the investment in a transponder so they can have accurate results from their races.

Points & Bonuses

   During the Points Season drivers will collect points based on their finish in the Mains. Points break down as: 1st Place – 100 pts; 2nd Place – 99 pts; 3rd Place – 98 pts; ending with the last qualified car in the class for that Race Day. That way if a car qualifies, but does not complete the Main they will still garner points. Any car that does not pass Technical Inspection will be disqualified and any points they earned will be given to the car finishing behind them, and so on. If the Top Qualifying car fails Technical Inspection the bonus point for TQ will not be awarded.


   In the event that two racers have the same points at the end of the Points Season, the Tie-Break will go to the driver with the most 1st Place finishes. If they are still tied it will go to the most 2nd Place finishes; then 3rd Places; etc. If there is still a tie, the Tie-Break goes to the driver with the most Top Qualifying bonus points; then to the driver with the highest Dropped Race. Anything beyond that we find it unlikely there will be need for a Tie-Break.

Dropped Races

   Every Points Season will have a predetermined number of Dropped Races (one or two, depending on the length of the Points Season) that will not be factored into a driver’s score during the Season. Meaning, if a driver has a poor race, or if they cannot make a Race Day, it could have little to no affect on their overall score for the Season. The lowest score will always be “Dropped” from the points calculations. **We will be offering two (2) "Drops" for the 2019 Points Series**

2019 Class Rules

   Applicable to ALL CLASSES, the only battery packs allowed are: 6- or 7-cell Ni-MH's or 2-cell (2S) hard-case Li-Po's (unless otherwise stated in a specific Class Rule below). High Voltage two-cell (2S) battery packs are permitted, but all batteries must stay under the maximum, charged voltage of 8.4 Volts. Soft-case Li-Po's are not permitted, and we no longer allow 3-cell (3S) Li-Po's. Electronic boost and timing (programmed in the speed control) is not allowed, but mechanical motor timing is acceptable but cautioned (don't crank the timing so far that your motor blows up...!).

   We try to guarantee the Classes listed below for every race day, and they will be included in our Championship Point Series, but is dependent on the participation on any given race day. We are happy to run any Classes that meet the Minimum Class Size Rules that are not specifically listed below (ie. Modified Touring Car, 9-Second Breakout, Formula 1, Mod Oval, etc.); however, we will not run any nitro classes or cars larger than 1/10 scale. 

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